8 in 1 Perfect Opener-Open bottles and Cans

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8 in 1 Perfect Opener-Open bottles and Cans

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It easily replaces a drawer full of old fashioned tools, reducing the clutter.The best part is that there are no moving parts in the tool, making it safe and durable! He also helps you lift the tab of a soda can without breaking your fingernails or using a sharp knife. A multi-functional and practical kitchen helper for everyday life!



8-in-1 Function:


Bottle cap opener

Bottle opener

Foil seal cutter 

Mason jar opener

Can and bottle lifter

Beverage bottle stopper

Wine bottle stopper


Comfortable in your hands Easy to handle with superior, attractive and ergonomic design. Can be used as a wine opener, beer opener, pop bottle opener, water bottles, Small, Medium, Large and over-sized jars that have been vacuum sealed cans and tins with pull tabs Medicine bottles or caps.


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